October 24, 2020

Ep. 107: When You Feel Like You're Losing It

Having a child go off to college causes the feeling of grief.  I’m thinking it just has to run its course I guess.  But there’s a twist. It feels like my son broke up with me, and I just really want him to like me.  The funny thing is, I know he likes me, in fact he loves me!  But all of a sudden he is on his own and busy with new friends (again a good thing) and classes and basketball that when I call, he is constantly rushing to get me off the phone.  He called once just to chat, and boy, was I on top of the world.  Seriously, though, it feels like I am grieving with a side of a break up.  I have been doing a ton of things just to keep myself from having to stop and cry. Here's how I'm keeping myself from losing it...

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