November 22, 2020

Ep. 110: The Ultimate Guide to Hygge, the Art of Cozy

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If you totally immerse yourself in hygge, you will feel awesome.  In fact, as I was getting my material ready for this episode, I had candles lit, the fireplace on, the station Acoustic Chill on my Alexa, and a kissed caramel hot chocolate.  Let’s talk about how you can get your hygge on!

Helpful Resources in this Episode:

  • This post includes affiliate links which means I can make a small profit with no extra charge to you!
  • Start your journaling practice today with my newly published, Create the Awesome Journal! Buy it on Amazon by clicking here.
  • Get 30% off of the Listenable App by using this coupon code: cyndiliming
  • Get some battery powered candles AND a remote from Amazon by clicking here, get some fairly lights while your at it by clicking here!
  • Here's the link to the ever so popular gnomes that light up!
  • Simple Abundance is a book I read daily and it is very hyggly. You can get it by clicking here.
  • Hygge Games: Scrabble and Charades!

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