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January 19, 2021

Ep. 114: Super Easy Tips on Creating a Positive Mindset with guest Veronica Allen Hunt

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Today, I did an impromptu interview with a long time friend of mine, Veronica Allen Hunt. I brought her on the show today because her life and how she lives it goes right along with my new year new you series! She’s super positive and successful and a mom and a principal. One thing that I like about my show is that I try very hard to make sure that you know I am a real human being. I work 2 jobs, I have 3 kids that live with me, two stepsons, a long distance husband and I dabble in side hustles, this podcast being one of them. I have a lot on my plate, yet I am happy and I am doing it. Veronica is the same. It was very refreshing to meet up with her because I feel like often, in the area of self improvement, gurus, experts of whatever they call themselves, do not seem real to me. I mean I have often wondered if these overnight success stories have a real job or husband or kids? I mean, do they struggle ever, or do they constantly have their game on? See, I do not, and if I can do this life, you can do yours too! Veronica brings to us some very useful tips that are realistic and are things that I have not thought of myself. So if you feel like you’ve heard it all, I assure you, you are in for a real treat!

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