July 28, 2019

Ep. 50: Slime, YouTube and YOU!

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In this episode, I talk about why it's totally okay for your child to jump onto the slime bandwagon and make some slime!  Actually, making slime, among other things, is vital to their learning and problem solving skills.  You, too, can gain skills from this, but what's also important is that sometimes adults need to o something childlike and fun!  Life it too short to be adulting all the time!

Hailey's Favorite Recipe for Slime (Use the scientific method to get the right consistency.  She measures nothing, but that's where the learning comes in!)

1. From our experience, Elmer's Glue works best.

2. Biofinity Contact Solution makes for an awesome activator!  Borax mixed with warm water also works well.

3. In order for the Biofinity to "activate," you'll need to add some baking soda.

4. Soap...we use Meyer's Lemon Soap.

5. Shaving Cream for fluffy slime.

6.  Slime Food Coloring Set


  • Pump some soap into a bowl.  
  • Add the glue.  
  • Give a few squirts of Biofinity and baking soda. 
  •  Add shaving cream if you want a fluffy slime.
  • Continue to mix until it doesn't stick to the bowl.

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